Barista Menu

Our Barista Menu includes recipes that are classic essentials as well as a couple signature creations. We intend to inspire with recipes that are suitable for usage in restaurants, bars & and cafe’s as well make these accessible for creation at home.

Classic Essential Recipes

We have the classic essential recipes and specialty lattes that you can serve in your restaurant, café or at home.

Coffee Berry Tea & Cascara Tea Recipes

Caffe Americano Cascara

2oz Espresso Shot and replace the traditional 4oz water with Cascara Tea.

Cascara latte / Coffee Berry Latte / Coffee Cherry Latte

2oz Espresso shot, 3 oz cascara tea, 3 oz steamed milk and foam

Optional: remove espresso and increase to 4 oz cascara tea & 4 oz steamed milk, or add Vanila syrup to infuse with cream/milk

See full cascara latte recipe here

Sparkling Coffee Berry Tea

Pre-chilled or cold brew coffee Berry Tea, Sparkling water, sweetener or honey

Sparkling Coffee Berry Lemonade

Iced Coffee Berry Tea, Fresh Lemon, Sparkling water, honey

Optional: non sparkling water variation

Cascara Mocha Latte

Dark Chocolate 80%, Cascara Tea, Choice of Sweetener, half & Half Cream

Cascara Cacao Latte

Cascara Tea, Raw Cacao Powder, Choice of Sweetener, Half & Half Cream

Optional: substitute vegan nut milk

Liberica Coffee Recipes

Liberica may be enjoyed in many commonly seen forms such as the espresso, americano, french press, filter coffee, lattes, iced lattes, macchiatos, cappuccinos or flat whites.  See more classic recipe variations below.

Liberica Latte

2 oz Espresso shot, 6 oz steamed milk and foam

Optional: infuse cream with vanilla

Liberica Frappuccino 

Liberica espresso, milk, ice & sugar, mixed together in a blender

Optional: substitute sugar for local honey

Liberica Affogatto

A Liberica Espresso poured on a vanilla ice cream, to be served in a cappuccino cup.

See the full affogatto recipe post here.

Dalgona Liberica Coffee

Whipped liberica espresso & sugar added on top of cold milk.

Liberica Mocha

Liberica Espresso, 80% Dark Chocolate, Half & Half Cream

Optional: substitute vegan nut milk for added flavour depth

Cardamon Spiced Liberica Coffee

French press liberica coffee & cardamom spice

Optional: add cinnamon

Tumeric Liberica Latte

Liberica Espresso Shot, 4 oz steamed milk and foam, turmeric, cardamom, clove, cinnamon

Optional: Pepper

Iced Liberica Sparkling Lemonade

Liberica espresso, lemon squeeze, soda water, Symple Syrup

Optional: include amaretto