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LeClair Organics is a Canadian based organization with a local presence in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and Vancouver, British Columbia

Originally LeClair Organics was founded on the basis on a couple unique insights regarding coffee, the most popular beverage of North America.  It was apparent that North America only consumed two species of coffee.  Approximately 80 percent of coffee consumed is Arabica coffee (coffea arabica) and 20 percent Robusta coffee (coffea canephora).  It was realized that there are other distinctive species of coffee essentially unknown to North America, perhaps only a fraction of a percentage of global coffee production.  Therefore our Liberica Coffee (coffea liberica), the third species of coffee became our first product.  We also realized an exceptionally important upcycling opportunity within the coffee production chain.  The green coffee beans are first removed from a vibrant red coffee berry before being dried, roasted then brewed.  This coffee berry in most cases is still being discarded despite it’s exceptional flavours and product potential.  We believe the coffee berry is of equivalent importance and value as the coffee bean itself.  Therefore this evolved into our first coffee berry tea product.

The journey has expanded ever since those first few trial cups of coffee.  What started as a small local presence, organic growth and a one person small business has transformed to the present day ever expanding operations.  In a short period of time we have reached sales across each province in Canada with and have ambitious goals beyond the borders.  This includes an expanding network of retail presence.

We are committed to providing exceptional flavour experiences, inspiring imaginative possibilities through the expression of our ingredients and the stories behind them.  We aim to lead in the introduction and provide accessibility of distinctive new ingredients and flavours.

Our current offerings are available to Canada and soon across North America which includes our novel Liberica Coffee, & Coffee Berry Tea.  There are lots of new developments behind the scenes as well, sometimes we may have unique seasonal offerings available so stay in touch!


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We are continually expanding our retail presence across Canada and soon North America.  We are also glad to incorporate our offerings and develop a relationship with your hotel, restaurant, lobby & bar, hotel café, chocolaterie, patisserie, bakery or local café.  Our distinctly unique offerings are sure to elevate the barista and cocktail experience.


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